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Legal statement

Careful attention has been paid to issues relating to copyright, and to the provisions of the Public Record Act 1958, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

With particular reference to copyright:  in general terms, no copyright material is allowed on this site without the prior written permission of the copyright owner;  and where specific permission has been granted, this is clearly stated on the relevant page(s) of the site, along with any special terms of use. Copyright does not apply to material created 70 years or more ago. Where more recent material is used (eg photographs) and is not covered by a specific agreement with a known owner, every attempt has been made to avoid breaching any known copyright;  however, if you can show proof that any specific item of material on this site is in breach of an existing copyright, please draw this to our attention and we will deal with it immediately.

This website is operated as a non-profit site.